Story of Annemiek's Mom
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Story of Annemiek's mom

I planned for birth supported by doula since I knew I was pregnant with my second. My first birth, which was planned for home and ended up in hospital was ok, but I realised I could do with more informed support and more women power. I had my husband there but I see the role of husband and doula as two different roles, which don't interdict each other. I got contact on Veerle from another doula and created a nice challenge for her - to support a Czech lady, who doesn't speak Dutch but only English and living in Netherlands :-)

When Veerle came for the first visit I had immediately a good feeling that she is the right person. For me the feeling and energy really means a lot, more than all the rational arguments. She explained me a bit what could have been better with my first birth if I knew more about options in the hospital and helped me to build a birth plan. This was really a big help and I appreciated it a lot. It gave me confidence that in case I need to go to hospital again I'm now better informed and will be there to help. Plan A was home birth but we planned a back up version as well in case I need to go to hospital after all again.

After a one (or two?) more visits finally the expected date came… and passed. And Veerle was still patient, asking me how I feel, if I think I might need her that day… it was really kind, caring but not intrusive and I remember this waiting time as very nice time when I felt no stress but total support that the baby comes at the right day and when it decides, she will be there.

When the day came, Veerle arrived before the midwife even though she had to drive more than hour! We talked when I could talk and she was there patiently waiting when I could not talk. Later I spent most of the time in the bath and Veerle was really considerate about the lights, music, water temperature… She massaged my back and it was exactly the thing I needed the most at that time. It's difficult for me to say what she was doing and exactly how she helped me, because she helped me mainly by being there. Because of that I could switch off my rational self, knowing that she is there and taking care and I fully immersed into my animal being and enjoyed the hormonal "jag". When the water broken and it was again green as with my first birth and midwife decided that we go to hospital I only looked at Veerle and got encouraging look in her eyes and smile which said "it's gonna be ok". It helped me a lot at that moment when I felt uprooted from my nicely built nest. From the short drive to hospital I don't remember much, I squeezed Veerle's hand while midwife was speeding to the hospital and hoped for no red lights. After the arrival it was really quick, few contractions in standing, two or three pushes and then our dear Annemiek came to this world.

Veerle was there when the little one searched for the first time for my breast and didn't leave until I told her I'm totally fine, happy and not need her anymore.

I can really recommend Veerle. She is very caring doula, who is there when you need her but is not putting herself to the hero position, but nicely supporting mamas in their roles. I can recommend her to anybody who want to have somebody by her side, somebody who listens before talking and sees the moment when to help even without asking.

Birth with Veerle was for me so strong experience that I myself am now studying 2-year course for doula and one day would like to be as great help and support as she is.

Thank you, Veerle!

Petra Kostalova


' Whenever and wherever you intend to give birth, your experience will impact your emotions, your mind , your body and your spirit for the rest of your life'

Ina May Gaskin